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The Effects Candy Has on Your Teeth

Sour candies are popular these days, but according to a study by the Minnesota Dental Association, some of these sour candies are almost as bad for your teeth as battery acid! Just a reminder to watch what you are eating … Continue reading

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What Soda Can Do To Your Teeth

There’s no doubt that Americans like to drink sugary beverages , not just sodas, but sports drinks, energy drinks and fruit juices with sugar added. Beverage Digest estimates that Americans each drink 714 eight-ounce servings of carbonated soft drinks in a year — … Continue reading

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Avoiding Cavities from Halloween Candy

Halloween makes it easy to overindulge in candy and other sweets. With Halloween parties and trick-or-treating it is all too easy to find loads of sugary treats. While they may taste good at the time, they aren’t good for your … Continue reading

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