The Effects Candy Has on Your Teeth

Sour candies are popular these days, but according to a study by the Minnesota Dental Association, some of these sour candies are almost as bad for your teeth as battery acid! Just a reminder to watch what you are eating because it has a huge effect on the enamel of your teeth.


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Dr. Chang’s Famous Prime Rib Recipe for the Holidays!

Dr. Chang’s Famous Prime Rib Recipe for the Holidays!


Bring Prime Rib to room temperature
Heat oven to 200 degrees
Rub with canola oil
Chop galic and thyme
Cut slits into Prime Rib and stuff slits with galic and thyme
Season generously with kosher salt and fresh ground pepper
Roast until Prime Rib reaches internal temp of 118 degrees
Remove Prime Rib from oven and cover with aluminum foil
Turn oven up to 500 degrees
Allow Prime Rib to rest until it reaches 130 degrees
Take off the foil
Place Prime Rib back into the 500 degree oven for 10 minutes or until you achieve desired crust
Cover with foil again until you are ready to serve.

What are some of your favorite Holiday recipes?

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Could You be Overlooking the Needs of Your Childs Teeth?

           Every parent worries at some point of time about how to protect their children’s teeth. Baby teeth are essential in the development and placement of your child’s permanent teeth. Primary teeth maintain the spaces where permanent teeth will erupt and they help develop proper speech patterns. It is important to take care of your child’s primary teeth and teach them good brushing and flossing habits at an early age.

Brushing and Flossing

Care for your child’s teeth should start as soon as their first tooth erupts. At an early age, a damp cloth can be used to wipe the teeth clean at least two times a day. As multiple teeth start to come in you can start introducing a toothbrush and non-fluoridated toothpaste. Make sure not to apply too much toothpaste, the size of a kernel of rice is sufficient at this age. When brushing for your child make sure you get the front, back and biting surface of each tooth clean, focusing along the gum line where plaque tends to collect. Flossing for your child should also begin at this time. As teeth erupt next to each other you will not be able to clean in between them without the use of floss. Flossing for children can be made easier by using a dental flosser. As your child grows, encourage them to learn to spit the toothpaste out. Once your child has accomplished this task efficiently you may introduce a children’s toothpaste containing fluoride, but still remember to use a very small amount. Parents should make sure to help their children with brushing until the age of eight and encourage at least two full minutes of brushing. Using a kitchen timer set at two minutes is a smart way to help your child learn how long they should be brushing. It is great for children to learn to brush on their own but parents should always make sure a thorough job is done to prevent any cavities from forming.


Teeth are affected primarily by what your child eats and drinks. Thankfully there are many tips to help keep your child’s teeth healthy. Avoid putting anything besides water in your child’s bottle before bed. The sugars in milk can cause cavities and should not be left on their teeth all night long. Offer water as a drink option as much as possible. Tap water contains no sugar and it aids in rinsing the teeth of any sugars from previous drinks or snacks. Tap water contains fluoride which strengthens the enamel of your child’s teeth and helps prevent tooth decay. Avoid sticky, chewy and sugary foods that can adhere to the teeth such as raisins or fruit snacks. Get your child in the habit of eating as few snacks as possible throughout the day. Constant snacking is an easy habit to get into with your child, but can be very harmful for their teeth. Acid caused by sugars in the foods we eat continues to attack your child’s teeth after eating. The more times those sugars are introduced to the mouth without brushing in between to remove them, the more time your child’s teeth are under attack and at risk for cavities. The best thing you can do is to teach your child to make healthy food choices.

Dental Visits

Your child’s first dental visit should be scheduled by the age of one. The general rule is to see a dentist six months after eruption of your child’s first tooth. Bringing your child to the dentist at a young age is the best way to prevent problems with your child’s teeth. The Surgeon General calls tooth decay the single most common chronic childhood disease, five times more common than asthma and seven times more common than hay fever. Your dentist can give you advice on the best ways to effectively clean your child’s teeth, tips for teething, information about pacifier use and thumb sucking and help you learn about your child’s fluoride needs. Decay can occur as soon as teeth appear so bringing your child to the dentist early can lead to a lifetime of good oral care habits. It will familiarize your child to the dental office and staff, thereby reducing anxiety and fear, which will make for plenty of stress-free visits in the future!




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Making Use of your Remaining Dental Benefits

As we know, time flies and December is almost upon us. This means before you know it, 2013 will be here. Maple Grove Family Dental would like to remind you to take advantage of your 2012 dental benefits before you lose them.


Click here for 5 Reasons to use Your Dental Insurance Before the End of the Year!

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Donations for C.R.O.S.S Foodshelf

Please join Maple Grove Family Dental in raising donations to bring to the C.R.O.S.S. food shelf this holiday season. As a thank you from Maple Grove Family Dental, if you bring in 5 or more items, you will recieve a $25.00 gift certificate to put towards any procedure you would like to have done at our clinic.

Please fell free to give us a call with any questions or for a list of needed items from C.R.O.S.S.



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Cavities in Children

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, tooth decay is one of our most common, modern-day chronic diseases. In fact, by the time children begin kindergarten, 40 percent have some kind of tooth decay! Remember, just because your children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews aren’t complaining about tooth pain (and their teeth “look” OK), it doesn’t necessarily mean their teeth are OK.

Fall is a great time to assess your health goals and get back on track after a leisurely summer. Let our practice help. Be sure dental checkups are part of your back-to-school checklist!


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Athletic Mouthguards

As your children are heading back to school and starting the new sports season, we would like to remind you about the importance of proper and regular use of mouthguards to protect against chipped teeth, root fractures, loose teeth, torn gums, and knocked out teeth.

We offer a very affordable option for custom made althletic mouthguards at Maple Grove Family Dental Clinic and would be happy to answer any questions that you may have. Please feel free to give us a call.

Click here to watch a video from the American Dental Association about the importance of athletic mouthguards for your child.

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News of the Weird from the Star Tribune

Toothache relief?

Police in Decatur, Ala., were called to a house in May on a report of a gunshot. They found that a 61-year-old man, who had been drinking beer to ease his toothache, had finally had enough and attempted to eliminate the tooth by shooting his jaw with a .25-caliber pistol. He was hospitalized.

Besides the shock of this story, this is a reminder that we are available 24/7 to take care of dental emergencies but also how important regular visits are. I often describe to my patients that diseases of the mouth can be silent until it surfaces with full vengeance.

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Mission of Mercy

Maple Grove Family Dental Clinic had such a great time at the Maple Grove Days Business Expo on Saturday! It was a very successful day and in the end we gave away a total of 1200 glow in the dark necklaces for everyone to enjoy at the fireworks! The names for the winners of the iPod Touch, iPod Shuffle and Sonicare Toothbrush will be given tomorrow. Thank you to everyone that stopped by the booth!




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Should I Use a Water Flosser?

Is it challenging for you to floss? Do you tend to skip flossing just because of the problems you have when flossing or because of the length of time it takes? Do you or your children wear braces or a permanent retainer and find it hard to keep up with your oral hygiene because of this?

If you answered yes to any or all of the questions above, then yes, a water flosser could be a big help for you! Water flossers use a focused stream of air and water at high pressure to wash away food,bacteria and plaque between your teeth. If you avoid flossing because of the time or difficulty this may be a great choice for a quicker more convenient way to keep your gums healthy and prevent cavities. CLick the picture below for a look at how the air/water flosser works and if you need any more tips or suggestions , make sure to contact Maple Grove Family Dental and we would be more that happy to assist you!




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