Avoiding Cavities from Halloween Candy

Halloween makes it easy to overindulge in candy and other sweets. With Halloween parties and trick-or-treating it is all too easy to find loads of sugary treats. While they may taste good at the time, they aren’t good for your body or your mouth. Maple Grove Family Dental would like to remind you of the effects that too much sugar can have on your teeth. Remembering these few tips may help with decreasing the risk of developing cavities.

  • The key is moderation. Candy should not be readily available to be eaten at any time. Set up a “treat time” with your child. This will be the one time of the day that they are allowed to eat one to two pieces of their candy.
  • Go through all of the candy they collected and have them pick out an agreed amount of their favorite treats. After their favorites are chosen get rid of the extra candy by throwing it away or donating it.
  • Make sure that everyone is following good oral hygiene habits by brushing twice daily and flossing once daily. It is recommended for parents to help their children with brushing up until the age of 8 and you should still monitor there brushing habits thereafter. A fluoride rise may also be added to their routine for extra prevention.
  • A neat trick is to have disposable dental flossers available around the house. Kids will pick them up and use them without prompting. Let them see you using them, watching TV, reading and so on.
  • Visit your local dentist every 6 months for a regular checkup. This will ensure that any cavities that may be developing are caught at an early stage and can help with prevention of future fillings that may be needed.

Halloween can be a time to teach your children good oral health habits for life!

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